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Monitoring System Management Printed Circuit Board

Monitoring System Management Printed Circuit Board
Monitoring System Management Printed Circuit BoardMonitoring System Management Printed Circuit Board
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Thu, 16 Aug 2018 14:11:35 GMT


  • Board Material : FR4

  • TG 130

  • Layer 2 Layer

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


Customized 2 layer monitoring sstem management printed circuit board assembly service.


In July 2018 our company makes a monitoring system management board for Israeli customer. This is a new technology monitoring system, so client ask samples from us firstly. To do performance test on these boards to approve it work well or not. As we has many experience on similar filed board, so it’s not very difficult for us, we put attention on quality control and functional test before delivery.

pcb assembly for monitoring system

PCB Features:

Layer:  2 layer

Track width/distance: 0.25mm

Pads:  Perforated Resin Filled in via Holes

TG value:  130TG 

Vias:  PTN&NPTH both on the same sides

Material:  KB

Solder&Silk:  green solder mask and white silk screen

Anti-caf:  No requests


Panel Size:  236*180mm for 4 pcs in one panel

X-OUT PCB:  Accept


TEST:  Electronic Test 100%


Test Points:  Test points on pcb board

Surface Finishing:  LF-HASL

Sample Production or Not:  Samples

Fingerprint: Not Accept On Completed Board

PCB Assembly features:

PCB AssemblyComponents purchasing:  all requests original brand components to keep high level quality

Min. Component size:  0402 components more than 20 kinds

Highest Component Height: 10mm for a battery holder.

Not good for assembly:  This board all components belong to normal package, doesn’t have very difficult on assembly process, our machine can do 0201 min size, this board min is 0402.

Equivalent components:  Not Acceptable

BGA:  No

Components process:  cut DIP components pin to make sure its height fit for product

CHIPS: No BGA difficult chip

LED Light:  No

Outside components:  No

Component angel:  No

Special requirements during the welding process:

This board requires no fingerprints when it is shipped. Therefore, when we use QC components to check the circuit board pads, we will start wearing gloves to ensure the customer's requirements are met. From matching components to solder paste, near-reflow soldering, hand soldering, brushing, QC, packaging, the entire process is wearing gloves. Make sure that no one touches the board directly with the hand during the entire soldering process.

Product function introduction:

This board is the control board for the latest monitoring system. It uses state-of-the-art technology to collect all the information in the entire system and keep it forever. Improved the timeliness of information preservation. And greatly avoid the lack of information. The control board collects real-time monitoring data on the slave through instructions and stores it in the database.

Product market prospects:

This product will be used as an alternative to the existing monitoring system motherboards currently available on the market. Once mass production begins, the monitoring board on the market is bound to be replaced by this product. This is an upgraded product.

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