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Agricultural Vehicle Pressure Bar Control Board

Agricultural Vehicle Pressure Bar Control Board
Agricultural Vehicle Pressure Bar Control BoardAgricultural Vehicle Pressure Bar Control Board
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Thu, 09 Aug 2018 14:19:28 GMT


  • Board Material : FR4

  • TG 180

  • Layer 8 Layer

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  • Min Order1 piece


8 layer high TG Agricultural Vehicle Pressure Bar Control Board


In 2018 our company makes some Automotive pressure bar control boards for Italian agricultural vehicle accessories company. This is a kind of high quality board because it is used for automotive products , even at fist time client request us to do board copy ,but we still take more attention on the product quality even only on clone step. Till now we totally make three type of these boards for the same client, based on this cooperation frequency , client is very satisfied with our quality.

printed circuit board assembly

PCB Features:

Layer:  8 layer

Track width/distance: 0.15mm

Pads:  Perforated Resin

TG value:  180TG 

Vias:  PTN&NPTH both have on two sides

Material:  KB

Solder&Silk:  green solder mask and no silk screen

Anti-caf:  YES


Panel Size:  189*173mm for one pcs in one panel

X-OUT PCB:  Accept


TEST:  Electronic Test 100%


Test Points:  test points on pcb board

Surface Finishing:  LF-HASL

PCB Assembly features:

Components purchasing:  all requests original brand components to keep high level quality

Min. Component size:  0201 components more than 20 kinds

No Silk Screen Feature:  It is the difficult part for this board, without silk screen, not easy to confirm the components location.

Not good for assembly:  Above components especially for those capacitors and resistors, there are no location number that are very easy to assembly wrong places

Equivalent components:  YES

BGA:  One BGA on the board

Components process:  No

CHIPS: There is one big BGA chip on th board

LED Light:  No

Outside components:  No

Component angel:  No

Some problems during assembly process:

This is a high TG 8 layer board, there is BGA and no silk screen on the pcb, any one of these feature will cause this pcb very difficult on assembly. Especially no silk screen and 0201 package together, for this kind of level board, our engineer does the assembly drawing with location number my himself and check every component location number before assembly.This way is we do the component location numbers ourselves.

Product function introduction:

It is a control board that is used for Agricultural vehicle pressure bar , it controls the agricultural machinery arm work . The lifting and lowering of the arm is controlled by an instruction from the chip. This board is the core component of the entire robot arm, and all other boards are controlled by the main board to match the entire series of movements.

Product market prospects:

In Italy, there are many farmer's homes that often have mechanical arms that fail because of long-term use. If you go to repair, the repair cost is very high. If you buy a new accessory, the price will be lower than the repair cost. So our Italian customer opened such an agricultural machinery parts company, so he needed us to provide quality products to replace the robotic arm of the Italian farmer. The demand for this board has been rising steadily in Italy and throughout Europe. Nowadays, more and more agricultural machine parts companies are emerging, and our company can customize this kind of robotic arm control board to meet the needs of the products. Welcome to consult us.

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