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Display Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Display Printed Circuit Board Assembly
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  • TEST: Electronic Test 100%

  • TG 130

  • Layer 1 Layer

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


1 layer 130TG display printed circuit board assembly


In July our company makes a batch of display board for Italy client. This is a kind of test board for this client , so it requests quick delivery time with right production process. The first batch delivery time only give us 8 days, but usually for this kind of board our delivery time is between 15~20 days. But as this project is request urgently , so we decide to try meet client requests.

LCD Display circuit board

PCB Features:

Layer:  1 layer

Track width/distance: 0.58mm

Pads:  no special requests

TG value:  130TG 

Vias:  All are NPTH both on the same board

Material:  KB

Solder&Silk:  green solder mask and white silk screen

Anti-caf:  No requests


Panel Size:  136*260mm for 12 pcs in one panel

X-OUT PCB:  Accept


TEST:  Electronic Test 100%


Test Points:  test points on pcb board

Surface Finishing:  LF-HASL

PCB Assembly features:

Components purchasing:  Client accept Chinese Equivalent components to keep price lower

Min. Component size:  0402 components with 0603 together

Highest component height:  25mm for a big capacitor

big components on pcb board

Not good for assembly:  The spring can't go wave soldering mahchine, so we can only solder by hand

Equivalent components:  yes, acceptable

BGA:  No on the board

Components process:  cut DIP components pin to make sure its height fit for product

CHIPS: There is no solder bridge between chip pads

LED Light:  no led on this board

Outside components:  No any one

Component angel:  No

Some problems during assembly process:

The spring is very difficult to control when do the soldering as it has scalability when process it . So we need to be careful when put it on the board and try our best to keep it no size change . Because once the spring size change then the function will be influenced. And it can’t use wave soldering to process, also ask speed delivery time. So we need do it careful, quickly and professional.

Product function introduction:

This is an experimental display board. Its main function is to help the main unit change the number on the display by the external button to the spring when it is working. Therefore, the user can clearly read the number on the display to judge the experimental reading at that time, and achieve accurate measurement purposes.

Product market prospects:

The use of this board is relatively narrow, so the market share will not be very large, or even relatively small. However, since it is often used in the experimental stage, its role is very large. The target customer group of this product is electronic engineering and technical personnel. They usually use this board to test the product's power and other functions during the design or experimental phase.

The following is a detailed drawing of this product. Everybody can see our PCB quality and welding quality through the detailed drawing of the product. For high-quality circuit board products, our company adopts ISO9001 control system. If your product has BGA pads, our company can provide X-ray inspection to ensure BGA welding quality.Welcome contact us for project discussion, professional service is always our proud.

details about circuit board

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