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Pressure Sensor PCBA

Pressure Sensor PCBA
Pressure Sensor PCBAPressure Sensor PCBAPressure Sensor PCBA
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Tue, 31 Jul 2018 15:24:45 GMT


  • Board Material : FR4

  • Copper: 1oz

  • Layer 2 Layer

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  • Min Order1 piece


2 layers pcb board with 1.6mm board thickness, lead free hasl surface finishing, 1oz copper thickness, and size is 78*82mm.


Recently we received a order which is from our American Customer.  The printed circuit board is used for pressure sensor. It is a 2 layers pcb board with 1.6mm board thickness, surface finishing is lead free hasl, 1oz copper thickness, and size is 78*82mm. 


This project of pressure sensors pcba has 2 difficulties. 

First, it has a switch which is soldered on the circuit board, but the silkscreen of gerber file is too small to plug in. Our workers has to adjust the pins of the switches to fit into the board. 


Second, the board has 5 pcs of wires to solder. The wires are easy to drop from the board during shipping. So we had to reinforce the wires with a lot of Tin. And in order to protect the wires, we made custom wrapper with plastic film and carefully separately packing.

The customer ordered 10pcs as a sample order at first, and we delivered very fast within 15 working days. Also we gave production report of a suggestion for improvement the gerber file. After customer received the samples, he changed one IC and the layout, and sent us updated bom, then ordered second sample order. Now we already produced 500pcs and 1000pcs for mass production several times. 

This product is used for Pressure sensors. And Pressure sensors pcba are usually made up of pressure sensitive elements and signal processing units, the pcba device that can senses pressure signals and converts pressure signals into usable output electrical signals according to certain rules. 

Pressure sensor is one of the most commonly used sensors in industrial practice. Pressure sensors pcba is widely used in various industrial self-control environment, such as water conservancy and hydropower, railway traffic, intelligent building ,production automation, aerospace, military, petrochemical, oil well, power, ships, machine tools, pipes and so on. 

The sensors circuit board we manufactured are mainly sold in the US market for industrial self-control environment, which has huge development potential and broad market prospect. 

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