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PCBA For Door Key

PCBA For Door Key
PCBA For Door KeyPCBA For Door Key
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  • Board Material : FR4

  • Thickness: 1.6mm

  • Layer 4 Layer

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  • Min Order1 piece


PCB Assembly One stop service for door key


This is a project for door card in building. It is a product of smart key to door. Recently it is very popular all over the world. About the function, let’s show you as below. 

When you want to come into building or part zone, you need put a reading card on this device, then you will heard “Bi” the door will be opened, then come into easily.

For this device, it includes 4 parts: control circuit board, Main board, LCD board, reader pcb board.

door key pcb board

Control board:

When the reader board read the smart card information.It is converted into an electrical signal to the control board. "Controller according to the received card information" is used to determine whether the cardholder has been authorized to enter the gate. Then the control board will analysis the numbers.For the networked access control system, the controller also accepts the information from the management computer and the corresponding authorization information to transmit the card record to the computer at the same time. A single controller can form a simple access control system to manage one or two doors. Multiple controllers connect to the computer through the communication network to form the access control system of the whole building. 

Main Board:

PCBA Board

Main board is the mostly power supply part, it is the key part for total device. When we give power to main board, it will drive power to each brands of this key machine.Once it is cut of the power, all machine will die directly. But normally , main board is not too complex,  we design it easily.

LCD Board:

LCD Board

This LCD Reader Board is just showing information from the control board. It will indicate who is allowed to come into building and who is limit. In fact, this LEC board has itself system of control. It is also a small control board. The pins of the LCD is very important, if assembly wrong , it will not work.The function of the LCD controller is to generate the display drive signal to drive the LCD display.

 Different controllers can support the display of the passive array display and active array display, including monochrome and color, one-way refresh. Different display requirements such as mode and bi-directional refresh mode. Users only need to read and write a series of registers to complete the configuration and display control.

Reader PCB Board:

Reader PCB Board

The main function of the reading pcb board is to read out the user information. The information obtained by the control board is read by the card reader, and the information is transmitted to the control board. The control board in turn integrates the information analysis. The final result is transmitted to the LCD screen for easy use by humans.

The main component on the card reader board is the buzzer. When people put the access card on the card reader, they hear a “BI” sound and the displayed information has been captured. When we first designed it, The application range of the buzzer is 1 meter. Now the function is extended to 3 meters. The sensor's sensing capability is very strong. The device is also a national patent application.

Porcelain equipment has been widely used in the United States, Brazil, Italy, and Germany. The market is also very popular. After that, smart access control has gradually become popular. Our factories are constantly updated to design similar new products. Please pay attention to our website, Any questions, please Contact Us.