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Al PCB Board For Plant Light

Al PCB Board For Plant Light
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  • Board Material : Aluminum PCB

  • Thickness: 1.0mm

  • Layer 1 Layer

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  • Min Order1 piece


1 Layer Al PCB Board for Plant Light



Board Material :Aluminum PCB                                                                Board Thickness: 1.0mm

Layer: Layer                                                                                              Silk Print: Black

Copper Thickness: 1OZ                                                                              Solder Mask: White

al pcb for plant lightPlant light is a new type of lighting products that are very popular on the market. It is mainly used for illuminating aquatic plants in fish tanks. The water grass can grow without the natural light source and provide food for the fish, which also makes the entire fish tank look more beautiful. Our designers use the structure of acrylic and bamboo board to make the entire product frame according to the customer's requirements. LED's choice also uses Samsung's lamp beads to ensure quality. A 4-speed adjustable switch is used to control the brightness of light to adapt to different environments.

Core part

This product consists of a LED panel and an acrylic frame. Very durable. Especially the choice of Samsung lamp beads guarantees long-term illumination of this product.

Test & Inspection

The test method for this product is to put it directly under the environment where there is a plant, and to observe the growth state of the plant for a long time. The board is tested for endurance in our factory.

plant lighting


Cover the product with a pink anti-static foam and secure the protective foam on the outside and fix it in the inner packaging box. Then buckle the outer box.

plant light packaging

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