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  • Several Tips To Choose PCB Manufacturer

    After you have brainstormed, evaluated and designed a fantastic new innovative product. Then you will need to find a right printed circuit board supplier to make your idea come true, either prototypes or high volume production.
    And you will find, you face with so many choices then it’s difficult to find the right one. Because PCB boards are being used in more products and industries in recently years and pcb suppliers have a great increase in the last couple of decades.

  • Tips About Soldering Wire For PCB Assembly

    For PCBA project, we need to purchase a special components--Wire.
    We must pay much attention of customer specification.We should know length, color, diameter. The receptacle housing, coil terminal, cable tie all necessary.

  • How Can PCB Clone Board Stay Away From 'GOOD or BAD' Phenomena ?

    In real life, there are many phenomena of 'good or bad', many PCB clone products now meet the phenomenon. They only rely on the appearance of a large number of reforms and innovations while the core production technology lags behind. The lag in technology has seriously affected the stable development of the PCB cloning market.

  • PCB Stencil Instructions

    Stencils, is a special mold for SMT. Its main function is to help the deposition of solder paste; the aim is to transfer accurate quantities of solder paste to the exact location of empty PCB. Introduction about evolution, classification and several factors that can affect the quality of stencil.

  • Global Automotive PCB Board Will Reach 12 Billion by 2020

    According to the statistics of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the total sales of new energy vehicles in the world will reach 6 million by 2020, which will estimate that the new energy vehicles will bring about 12 billion market increments to the global automotive PCB Board market.

  • Rigid-Flex PCB Lamination Technology

    The Flexible circuit board and the rigid board are pressed together to form Rigid-Flex PCB Board.The flexible circuit board is hot pressed together with the rigid circuit board and other flexible boards by adhesive. Each flexible board is not adjacent to each other.

  • PCB Conformal Coating VS Potting and Encapsulation

    Printed circuit board exposure to corrosive atmospheres or harsh chemicals can cause its performance reduced or even failure. So the pcb board must be protected to prevent the performance reduced and failure. PCB conformal coating, potting and encapsulation resign are some of the main methods.

  • Tips For High Frequency PCB (RF PCB) Design

    In order to achieve more reasonable design and better anti-interference ability for high frequency PCB (RF PCB), these tips should be considered.

  • Several Factors Affect The Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Cost

    There are many factors that can affect the PCB cost from the concept to the pcb manufacturing and assembly. Now let's introduce some factors that can affect the PCB price

  • Six Tips for PCB Components Sourcing

    1. Consider the choice of component packaging
    2. Need Proper Ground Plane
    3. Allocate the virtual component package

  • FPC Will Have Huge Potential Market Based on Iphone's New Generation

    FPC has many advantages that are not available with rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs). FPC has been widely used in fields such as notebook computers, computer peripherals, LCD modules, LED lighting, office equipment, digital cameras, mobile phones, PDAs, laser heads, instrumentation, medical instruments and automotive products.

  • Single Sided PCB Vs Double Sided PCB Vs Multilayer PCB

    More and more types of printed circuit boards are commonly used in electronics applications, so it make PCBs as a very high valuable technology. No matter single sided PCB, double sided PCB or multilayer PCB are all widely used in many applications.

  • Automotive +5G Stimulates High Growth In The PCB Industry

    Automotive +5G Stimulates High Growth In The PCB Industry. 5G brings PCB/CCL demand and added value. The automotive smart driving and new energy vehicle market has grown rapidly in recent years

  • How To Choose Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Material

    More and more electronic components began to rely on circuit boards, in order to make the best printed circuit board for customers, so how to choose the suitable printed circuit board material is important.

  • PCB and PCBA Testing- Why Is Important and Necessary

    Printed circuit boards are commonly used in a variety of electronic devices and technologies, making them very valuable devices. PCB is the core of the effective operation of electronic equipment. To ensure that the entire device is running as planned, it is critical to thoroughly test them.

  • Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) and Surface Plating

    Rigid flexible PCB adapt to the needs of today's electronic products to the direction of high density and high reliability, miniaturization and light weight, and also meets the strict economic requirements and the need of market and technology competition.

  • Double-sided Flexible PCB (FPC) Screen Printing Technology

    In the process of manufacturing flexible circuit boards, screen printing is usually used, which is often used when printing single-sided printed circuit boards. The number of printed double-sided boards is small, but the number of printed double-sided rigid PCB boards is a lot.