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  • Surface Finish About Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

    Gold Plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal, most often copper or silver (to make silver-gilt), by chemical or electrochemical plating.

  • PCB Design Manufacturing and Assemble for Quadrotor

    Recently, quadcopters are very popular in the market. Our factory has made a lot of shipments to Israeli. The customers' feedback is very good. Orders in 2018 are expected to be 50,000 sets. We can provie one stop service for quadrotor, from PCB Design, PCB Manufacturing to PCB Assembly.

  • Aquarium Temperature Detective Board With LCD Display

    Fish tanks are good for decorating own house or company. In the process of raising these pets, there is a very important job that pay attention to monitor the water quality in good time. The temperature and time detective circuit board is widely designed by engineers.

  • PCB Assembly Project For Home Monitoring

    Smart home system came into being.It allows people to remote control any electrical appliances at any time and any place by phone or phone APP. Here I would like to introduce a home monitoring device that we produce for our German customer.

  • PCB Assembly Project for Educational Robots

    In the field of education, many colleges and universities have set up related courses in robotics. We specialized in making PCB and PCBA, receiving requests from US customers to jointly develop a high school teaching robot project.

  • Sensor PCB Board Assemble With Program Lock Bit

    As sensors are widely used in every field of social development and human life, we have supplied one-stop electronic sensor PCB Assembly service for our French customer this year. There are mainly eight steps for whole service:

  • Car Media Horn Circuit PCB Board Assembly

    Recently we have manufactured a kind of car media horn circuit board for our Italian customer, they are specialist in multimedia designed in their country. This kind of media horn is their new project, and mainly used for common economic electronic car to make sounds.

  • 6 Layer Rigid-Flex PCB Board

    This project comes from a design company in India. We have cooperated since 2017, a flex PCB board with dimple and tear drop pads. It was very successful, then they design 6 layer rigid-flex PCB board.

  • PCB Assembly Project For Wharf  Crane

    Our Australian client have cooperated with us for his wharf crane project, which is mainly used for ships in ports. We supply PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly service for him.

  • Solar Stabilized Voltage Printed Circuit Board Assembly

    The solar energy is one of best free natural energy, many people research and develop for using it. One of our customers in Australia ask we to supply help with his solar convert project.The following is a detailed description of the product:

  • PCB Reverse Engineering For Household Electrical Appliances Control System

    The project is from a Denmark customer,begin with a project of PCB reverse engineering. We do it successfully and pass the test. Now the customer release a mass production order 1000pcs.
    The PCB is used for household electrical appliances control.

  • Sensor Board With FR-4 And CEM-3 Material

    Now sensor circuit board assembly products is very hot, such as pressure sensor, liquid level sensor, speed sensor and energy consumption sensor, Below product from our Brazil’s customer It's speed sensor used for racing bicycle.

  • PCB Assembly For Fingerprint Identification System

    Fingerprint Identification System is made up by two PCB board with the same size, and are assembled in same cast to work together.This project is from a France customer,and now we are making prototype,we should firstly pass the test, then start mass production.

  • Audio Main Board and Drive PCBA Project for Russian Customer

    We know this Russian customer from late May, we overcome many problems, such as components replacement, shipping to Russia, sign NDA file...Finally, we have successfully cooperated. He release these 2 projects of computer and audio PCB board.

  • PCB Clone Driver Circuit Board For Light

    The driver circuit board is a board that supplies power to the lamp. The function is to supply power and cut off the power supply. The following products are the driver boards to use as outdoor lights, from sample copying and sample testing then redesign for customer

  • Main Printed Circuit Board For Data Processor

    This board is the main board of the data processor. It mainly collects the data of the industrial production workshop, and collects, edits, and exports files. 4 layer pcb with 1.6mm thickness, the specifications of this product is FR4 material, TG130, IPC Class2.

  • Electric Fan Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

    Let me introduce you to an electric fan PCB produced by our factory. We mainly provide the motor inside. The circuit board is the core part of the fan's work.

  • Gas Meter PCB Project

    The project is from a Russia customer,we cooperate a smart home PCB system before, and this time they want develop a gas meter project .The Qty is 30K every 3 months.They provided gerber file and BOM list, with some pictures of former type gas meter PCB.

  • PCB Assembly (PCBA) For Phone Alert System

    The mobile phone is already became a necessary communication tool for people. Therefore, mobile phone alarm anti-theft system has become a popular product.We provide our American customers with a mobile phone alert for the PCBA product.